desde 2 a 32 canales, escalables hasta 1000+

For Teams & Fleets

Flexibility: Handles any transducer • Dual licenses system • Synchronous multi-tasking (live and post)
Multi-environments: Robust design • Standalone & remote monitoring modes • Easy integration for test benches
DataCare: Embedded dedicated processing (DSPs) • High-end metrology in all locations • Retrievable SSD hard-drives
From 2 to 32 channels per chassis, and with daisy chain distribution the OR35, OR36 and OR38 instruments’ range perfectly suits your
measurement requirements with its high level of versatility and performance. Designed to be shared, these instruments provide exactly the
same performance and capacities per channel no matter the model.

Full Combination Options

> Switchless daisy chain distribution
> Best in class cross channel phase 0.2 ° @20 kHz
> Local processing and storage: extend the system power as channel number grows
> Auxiliary tach/triggers and generators on all chassis’s

Made for Everyday Efficiency

> Exchangeable XPod strain & temperature conditioners
> PC free, direct standalone recording
> USB ports for recording or charging/ powering of accessories
> Wi-Fi connectivity

Powerful Instruments

> Fixed / removeable embedded SSD 16 to 512 GB
> Dynamic or parametric (DC, 10 S/s) universal inputs
> Scalable Force DSPs up to 8/chassis
> 2 to 3 hours autonomy on internal batteries
> Wi-Fi, Gb Ethernet, secure internet connections (SSH)

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